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75 years ABICOR Binzel

Not only recognizing technological trends, but actively helping to shape them is one of the main strengths of our welding technology division. In 2020 ABICOR BINZEL Schweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG celebrated its 75th anniversary, at the same time a new building complex was inaugurated at the headquarter in Buseck.

Corona, economic crisis and nevertheless erect a new building? Definitely – because the spatial expansion was necessary long ago and is a sustainable investment in the future of ABICOR BINZEL. It was great that this could be implemented in the anniversary year.

The expansion to plant 3 was planned and »all wrapped up« even before the major lockdown in March this year. It was, so to speak, high time to create more space, because over the years, space for offices that was urgently needed was proverbially taken away from production. With the extension, these areas can now be returned to production and used as action areas, which in turn optimises processes. On August 28, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated on a small scale with political celebrities, just in time for the beginning of the anniversary year.

The extension building is a clear investment in the future. Around 160 professionally qualified employees will take their well-deserved retirement over the next ten years, which means that we will lose a lot of valuable know-how. To make matters worse, there will be fewer and fewer skilled workers on the labor market – this affects the industrial and commercial sectors alike. It is therefore all the more important to invest in the training of junior staff, and with the new building we can even expand this further.

State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Culture Dr. Manuel Lösel praised the courage for a new building in these times as well as the people who have made ABICOR BINZEL a great company in its 75-year company history. In his speech, the Mayor of Buseck, Dirk Haas, paid tribute to the great employer and hidden champion in his community. Alf Schmidt from Industrie Beteiligungs Gesellschaft declared the new building to be a sensible and sustainable investment in the future of ABICOR BINZEL as the largest driving force for growth within the holding company group.

After the topping-out speech by the master roofer all employees were served sausages and grilled cheese in bread rolls, as well as cold drinks at four different locations on the factory premises around noon. In addition, as part of the 75th anniversary, everyone received an ABICOR BINZEL coffee cup with a small jar of honey from our BINZEL bees. Furthermore, everyone could choose an anniversary shirt from two different designs, which were specially made for the anniversary year. All with Corona distance rules, of course.

We are pleased that Depant Bauträger GmbH & Co.KG from Gießen managed to finish everything according to schedule despite the difficult situation caused by Corona and that we were able to celebrate the topping-out ceremony at the beginning of our anniversary year and we will also be able to move into the building this year.

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