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Central value

and obligation

Consideration for the environment and society is just as important to us as the satisfaction of our customers. We therefore act responsibly and sustainably.

Digitisation, automation and sustainability affect the requirements of the customers and therefore the value-added chain. With the rapid integration of new processes, technologies and materials, we are able to meet the demand for an overall sustainable production method and use of resources.

Accept a share

of the responsibility

It is natural for us that all company activities take into account environmental responsibility. This target can only be achieved by continuous improvements that also include actions by the employees. Aspects of the environment are to be taken into account in all company processes and included in the quality management manual.

Our products are characterised by their robustness and longevity. A large range of spare parts extends the life cycle of a product immensely and helps to reduce operating costs.

In the production of construction chemicals, the consideration of environmental aspects is regarded highly. Principles of sustainable chemicals are self-evident in our production procedures and are constantly present in the planning of new products and processes, plants and manufacturing processes – but also in the disposal of chemicals. Overall, sustainability in the chemical industry always takes the form of ecological sustainability with the aim of preserving nature and the environment for future generations. For example, with our construction chemical product KEMPEROL, 80% of the resins used are extracted from renewable resources (caster oil).

A group-wide environmental guideline was already published in 2015 which is intended to further implement the sustainability concept in the IBG Group.

The environmental awareness of the employees is also encouraged by suitable training methods.